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Raising the standard for specialist search and recruitment

Welcome to Universal Search Group (USG), experts in Executive Search and Contract Recruitment. Founded in the UK, with a rapidly expanding global reach, and driven by an ethos of excellence, we are proud to be at the pinnacle of multi-sector international recruitment services.

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Talent to build your success

With over 40 years of industry experience, Universal Search Group’s construction specialists provide expert-led recruitment solutions to maximise commercial and career development.

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Talent to power sustainability

Our commitment to achieve and promote carbon neutrality is at the core of Universal Search Group’s strength in recruiting excellence for the renewables industry sector.

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Health & Beauty


health and beauty

Talent to enhance your image

A team dedicated solely to Health & Beauty recruitment applies Universal Search Group’s unique formula of professional expertise to support clients and candidates across this specialist sector.

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Talent to deliver your targets

Universal Search Group recruits the resource to efficiently follow your strategic route, and deliver its success at all levels of the fast-paced logistics industry.

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modular recruitment

Talent to assemble achievement

The Universal Search Group’s in-house expertise dates back to the earliest days of modular building, enabling us to apply finely-tuned industry knowledge and skills when recruiting for this specialist sector.

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Executive Search

Leveraging the strength of expert knowledge

By focusing on our core sectors - namely Construction, Renewables, and Health & Beauty USG has secured an enviable position as a market-leading executive search specialist.

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Contract Recruitment

Endorsing reputation through recommendation

With over 40 years’ experience across Construction, Logistics and Modular Building, members of the Universal Search Group Contract Recruitment teams have been carefully chosen for their in-depth industry insight, and expertise in high-touch client and candidate management - skill-sets which place USG at the cutting-edge of this challenging space.

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Working With



The original nucleus of Universal Search Group’s expertise, and the launch hub for our global roll-out.


The focal point of USG’s next-stage expansion, with strong client and candidate support networks already in place.

North America

The international market in which USG has an established brand presence, pivotal to the strength of our global strategy.

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